Budget Development & Analysis

Provide detailed budgets based upon quantities and specifications determined by Designer and compare specified budget against Designer’s preliminary budget.

Design Drawing & Specification Review

Verify accuracy and completeness of specifications, plans and interior design drawings and review specifications for omissions or duplications.

Model Room Production

Assist in the development, evaluation, value engineering and production of model rooms.


Compare all quantities to the furniture plans and verify take-offs in conjunction with the project team, for those materials supplied by Owner.

Project Scheduling

Develop a detailed schedule outlining the timeframe required for the fabrication and production of all FF&E.

Vendor Qualification &
Global Sourcing

Pre-qualify potential bidders and offer supplier recommendations from a network of international sources.


Provide detailed bid documents for distribution to pre-qualified vendors.

Value Engineering

Assist in the recommendation of design approved alternate sources in an effort to reduce costs, should the Owner request such action.


On behalf of the Owner, obtain best contract pricing and negotiated payment terms.

Purchase Order &
Contract Documentation

Execute all purchase orders and contract documentation.


Evaluate the properties existing furniture and utilize the services of a reputable liquidation company.

Project Management

Provide clear communication to the project team and the suppliers. Obtain samples of products, shop drawings and track all approvals.

Project Accounting

Provide a cash flow projection for FF&E. Compare vendor invoices to approved purchase orders and submit invoices to Owner for approval and payment.

Budget Reporting

Monitor the financial parameters of the project.

OS&E Selection

Assist the project team in selecting OS&E items, Accessories, Signage, Print Materials and Uniforms, as required.

Project Coordination

Attend project meetings. Travel to the job site and to provide oversight and coordination.

Factory Quality

Travel to vendors facilities to inspect FF&E in production and ensure that the product complies with the operational parameters and design intent of the project.

Fire Certification

Obtain all required FR certification.

Freight Logistics &

Utilize the services of a reputable freight and transportation company and provide oversight and management of all logistics.

Warehousing &

Utilize the services of a reputable third party warehouse and installation company and provide oversight and management of these services.

On-Site Supervision

Provide oversight and coordination services on site during the FF&E installation phase.

Attic Stock

Provide a separate inventory of attic stock on behalf of the Owner.